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The story began in the kitchen cutting up cereal boxes...

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Christopher Eves

Christopher Eves


This guy has an ability to conjure up incredible (and perhaps unthinkable to many) ideas and turn them into brilliant creations.

He is a design geek graduate with an MA from St Martins (oooh) and has been working in the product design industry, across a number of sectors, for almost a decade.

Chris applies his skills by thinking ‘Outside the Bax’ – sorry box! More recently he developed an obsession for packaging and often trawls through supermarket aisles with his head in the shelves.

Luke Booth

Luke Booth


Luke is a cheeky chappy who brings passion and energy to the P4CK team. This acorn doesn’t fall far from his uncle’s (Chris) tree.

Another St Martin’s graduate (oooh), Luke has a history of developing award winning designs. His ideas don’t just make it down on paper – they end up on the walls of London’s trendy Brick Lane for the world to see.

Most evenings Luke can be found in the gym cutting and shaping up as he seeks to create the ultimate package (PS these are Luke’s words)

Delta Packaging Ltd

P4CK invention + Delta manufacturing excellence = exciting new product supply across Europe for existing and new customers across all sectors.

We are proud to announce that Delta Packaging Ltd has invested in P4CK. This investment will bring together 2 future-focused businesses to offer enhanced engineering, testing and manufacturing scale to existing pack designs and new concept development. With combined resources, we will extend delivery reach to brand owners and major distributors across Europe and gain a significant manufacturing resource. P4CK will compliment Delta’s existing 3D, process and technical development skills.

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